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The purpose of this site is to take the mystery out of how things work. Some topics need to stay in the lab a while longer, but there’s a whole world of everyday stuff out there just begging for an answer to the question, "How does that work"? Or, "Why does that work"? Or even better yet, "What the dickens caused that to happen?

Rather than memorizing quickly forgotten facts, I spend time trying to figure out what's going on behind the scene. Is there a project that can be used to demonstrate what's really happening? Is there a way to make this concept easy to understand?

As a previous student, a father who cares about teaching proper study skills to my children, or when acting as one of the Physics, Math and Engineering Professors at our local college, “how things work” remains one of my core interests. If that is your interest as well, then this site is for you.

... But be warned, I do not intend this to be a stodgy, matter-of-fact boring presentation you might get in school. At least one of my goals is to be light hearted, point out the humor where we find it, and still shed light on the science behind many of the common everyday things we see around us.

Because of the old teacher in me, I can think of few better ways to learn than by doing. After a “how it works” discussion, this site quickly focuses on projects for each topic that lends itself to that type of study. Teachers, students or just interested folks can find resources, "how to do" projects, science fair topics and other valuable information about the subject.

Another goal is to provide links to other materials that can help you dig right down into the bowels of it all, if that is where you need to go. Current news about the topic, articles, current events, books, report writing or other study material is provided for each major topic section whenever possible.

And then … just to make sure we have some fun … I include games and other neat stuff to simply enjoy. The young kids (or the youngster inside each of us) can learn about science without even needing to be aware of it.

Because I have almost unlimited interest areas to cover, I expect this site to grow, and grow, and … well, I’m sure you get the Carl Saganism of it all. If you would like to know when new topics are added, existing topics are updated, or simply to keep in touch with " ", please feel free to contact me using the form on the bottom of the author page.

What's New?

The How to Make A Volcano project uses homemade paper-mache, an empty bottle, an old box and some water based paint to construct a model volcano. We even have a couple of pre-schooler's helping as we go .. Great Fun!

Once the volcano is built, we need lava! That's the subject of the Erupting Volcano project page. Baking Soda and Vinegar, Diet Coke and Mentos, as well as plain old Table Salt and Diet Soda are all discussed.

Earth Science is a very large, but important topic area in which we will soon introduce several projects. How to make a volcano related projects will start off the series, but many more are expected.

The coin battery is the last in our battery series. It's an easy project to do and introduces the concept of connecting power supplies in series. Have fun!

The lemon battery, apple battery and potato battery are a series of three fruit batteries that introduce how things work inside a battery. Try them as fun projects for understanding electricity.

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