Make An Erupting Volcano Project

Basic Earth Science for kids

Erupting Volcano Project

An erupting volcano project was the goal, so now that we decided how to make a volcano there are several ways to make it erupt. Here are the links to building the model volcano if you missed that step:

    paper mache volcano
    home-made play dough model volcano
    moist soil method
    construction paper (not recommended for multiple volcano eruptions)
    using sand
    using plaster
    using joint compound
    spray foam method (for home volcano projects)
Active links have been completed already. As you can see, there are several methods we plan to get to very soon. Just check the project table of contents for updates, as well as the earth science page for related projects.

Baking Soda Methods

A single search on the internet will show several erupting volcano recipes using baking soda and vinegar, some with detailed explanations, others with absolutely nothing except mix and watch. There are two general types in this category. Adding soda to liquid or adding liquid to soda. Let me explain ...

Vinegar in the bottle first

For erupting volcano projects using this technique, a liquid mixture is put in the bottle first. Baking soda is added through a funnel, or wrapped in tissue paper and forced in the bottle opening. Hot water is used in some, not in others, and most all use a coloring material of some type to make our simulated lava look more realistic. Here are some of the recipes we tried.